Wednesday, June 10, 2015

It's nearing the summer solstice! In anticipation we are putting up some bars for sale.  Right now on our online store "Naked", "Drum Circle", "Herbal Garden", "Morning Tea" are all discounted.
"Lemon Sprinkles" has been very loved by those who have tried it - It's a real gem and a perfect bright refreshing scent for those hot days.  We only have one "Tranquil Rain" left, we may bring it back but it won't be for a while.  We are waiting for some feedback on "The Great North Woods" bar, it's available locally but won't be online till it's finalized.  We'll put up more info when it's finished up and ready to be online.  If you are really eager to try it out let us know; we have a few left.  It's inspired by what grows around us in Northern New Hampshire.
When we have some time we'll get some new pictures on the website.  We are still sporting a picture taken last fall for our main soap page.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Side Note:  We'll try to put up some more tutorials this year.  They are time consuming but a lot of fun!  So far we have been very busy and time is flying.  There are some new things we have been getting into, we just need to remember the camera.  There is some new information we could add to last years tutorials as well -- lessons learned and minor fine tune adjustments.