Friday, August 7, 2015

Hello everyone! It's been a while since we posted. Just wanted you all to know what we have been working on.

The first batch of "The Great North Woods" soap is down to one bar left (picture below). We haven't put that bar on the website yet, we wanted to test it with locals first. We have had some good feedback and made slight changes with the batch that's curing now. When it's finished we'll put it up on the website. It's an amazing bar and we are very pleased with it. It has the same great base oil configuration as "Valley of the Gods" -- also It is made with Chaga tea and powdered Chaga harvested locally. The essential oils are a blend from plants that grow around here. Maybe someday we'll be able to make some of the essential oils we use.

Our daughters birthday soap is still available. Half of them have sold and she decided to buy some hamsters with the money! They are cute little white things with extremely light tan patterns on them. So far it has been well worth the money, I think it was a good choice. She said it's much better than blowing the money on candy to have two living creatures! Below is a picture she took of the lil guys.