Friday, February 26, 2016

Whipping up a new batch of our Body Butter today. We'll update the out of stock status and ingredient list this evening. We are swapping out the sunflower seed oil with argan nut oil because of it's amazing skin properties.
The ingredients are now: Virgin Organic Cocoa Butter, Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Virgin Shea Butter, Virgin Organic Avocado Oil, Virgin Organic Argan Nut Oil, Vitamin E (all high quality food grade)
All of these oils/butters are great for the skin and help retain moisture. Ideally the body butter should be used after a shower/bath to trap in your hydrated skin. Use with our soaps for even more exquisite results. Feed your skin and treat it like you do your insides -- or better!
If any of you dislike the rich smell from these virgin oils/butters please let us know. We could make a deodorized version and even spruce it up with some essential oils that are beneficial to skin health (or leave it plain). One thought we've had is making a deodorized organic version with a mild aroma of lavender and basil. The deodorized version would still retain the high quality macro fatty acid blend. The further processing to deodorize does break down or remove some of the micro nutrients.